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Stanwell Fields

SLT Coffee Mornings


You said: Could all letters be emailed and put onto the website?

We said: All letters will be emailed and will be found on the website. This is now up and running.

 You said: There are sometimes date errors or other typos on letters.

We said: We have added an additional layer of proof reading before letters are sent out. Unfortunately due to high workloads it is sometimes the case that a typo will slip in but we hope this additional check will prevent this.

 You said: Not all letters are given out in a timely manner.

We said: All classes will now have a 'going home tray' so that any letters to go out that day will be put in these trays and the class monitors will hand them out.

 You said: My child's home / school contact book is not regularly checked and questions have been unanswered.

We said: All home / school contact books will be checked on daily basis so that any questions by parents will be responded to.


 Is the first contact that people have of the school welcoming?

You said: The front office and the visibility of staff in the morning is welcoming.

 You said: Information on the infant class windows was useful but often out of date.

We did: Each infant class now has a window monitor and teachers are making sure that these are up to date.

 You said: The area round the back of the junior building and left of the school drive does not create a good impression.

We did: After speaking to FOSF they are looking into the improvement of this as a project and have already set up a community clean-up day on Saturday 24th June.

 How do we get more people to come to the coffee mornings?

You said: Brighter, bigger posters to be displayed in the week of the coffee morning.

We did: A poster has been designed and is in the process of being printed.

 Is there a positive view of the school within the local community?

You said: Not everyone knows where Stanwell Fields is or even knew that there were two primary schools in Stanwell, better school signage needed and the possibility of letting the school at weekends e.g. parties

We did: After speaking to FOSF Caroline Dyos is going to contact local businesses to see if they will sponsor a board on a nearby area of grass / roundabout to promote our school.

Thank you to FOSF who are already doing an amazing job of raising the profile of the school thorough their fairs and press support.