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School Improvement Priorities 2018-2019

Leadership & Management

  1. The school’s vision is cohesive, owned and communicated.  It is a vision of aspiration that embodies- a ‘we can’ culture so that all children achieve better outcomes.
  2. Leaders at all levels demonstrate impact on outcomes and progress through a ‘we can’ culture.
  3. The role of the LAC demonstrates impact on outcomes of the SEIP.
  4. To finalise a Leadership Structure that enables the school’s leadership team to sustain rapid improvement from September 2019.


Teaching and Learning

  1. Teaching to be 100% good or better by July 2019
  2. Teacher assessment of pupils’ standards is 100% accurate by July 2019
  3. To ensure all learning is differentiated, in a 'no excuses culture' so there is challenge for all pupils to achieve end of year expectations by July 2019.
  4. To ensure the curriculum is engaging and fit for purpose so all children achieve their individual targets by July 2019.


Early Years Foundation Stage

  1. To maintain GLD at 80%+ and that children in vulnerable groups achieve GLD same % as their non-group peers.  To improve the % of children exceeding in maths and reading to be in line with national standards.
  2. To ensure transition to Year 1 enables all pupils to maintain achievement from EYFS into the National Curriculum by Autumn 2018.
  3. In nursery 80%+ of pupils, including EAL pupils achieve 30 – 50months secure prior to Reception.
  4. To develop a zoned outdoor learning space so that provision enables prime areas and gross motor skills to be effectively developed.


Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  1. Improve pupil attendance so it meets national expectations of 96%+ and reduce persistent absenteeism from the previous year at 16% below 90% attendance to 10% or lower.
  2. To effectively engage our parents to drive pupils’ progress and attainment.
  3. To reduce playground incidents of inappropriate behaviour by a minimum of 75% in 2019 from the previous year in 2018.
  4. To improve the consistency of behaviour throughout the school so fixed term exclusions and detentions are reduced half term on half term.


Outcomes for Pupils

  1. Improve achievement for all children so at the end of each year pupils are meeting or exceeding national standards for attainment at the end of key stages and remain on track to meet or exceed national percentages for reading, writing, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  2. The achievement of pupils in receipt of the pupil premium shows a narrowing gap in negative progress and attainment with non-group peers, demonstrating pupils catching up with their peers.
  3. The achievement of pupils in the group white British born boys shows a narrowing gap in negative progress and attainment with non-group peers, demonstrating pupils catching up with their peers 
  4. The achievement of pupils with SEND shows a narrowing gap in negative progress and attainment with non-group peers, demonstrating pupils catching up with their peers