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Stanwell Fields


School Improvement Priorities 2019-2020

Through God:  we can flourish, we can learn, we can achieve.

Quality of Education

  • In Key Stage 2, improve the pupils’ knowledge of phonic, common and polysyllabic words so they can spell the words on the list for their year groups and consolidate previous spellings with 78%+ accuracy.
  • Develop a love of reading throughout the school for all pupils. 
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning through pedagogy based on research outcomes.
  • Implement the school’s curriculum intention through high quality teaching and learning by non-specialists in the foundation subjects.    
  • Pupils with SEND and in receipt of Pupil Premium make accelerated progress and close the gap in attainment with their peers 

Behaviour and Attitude

  • Attendance to show a narrowing gap between 2019 figures (93.4) to national average for attendance.  

Personal Development

  • Develop aspiration for all pupils at Stanwell Fields so they are ready for each stage of their education and have a strong sense of self-identity and citizenship. 

Leadership and Management

  • The Local Academy Committee (Governors) to provide even greater challenge to the strategic leadership of the school 


  • In the Early Years, develop children’s resilience to overcome challenges and be secure in demonstrating the Characteristics of Effective Learning  

 Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools Section 48 Targets 2019 - 2020

SIAMS Strand



Vision & Leadership

Establish stronger systems of self-evaluation so that leaders and governors have a clear and realistic understanding of the priorities for the further development of the school as a church school 

LAC and subject leader monitoring of the effectiveness of Stanwell Fields as a church school through systematic self-evaluation process 

Wisdom, Knowledge & Skills

Ensure that the achievement of all pupils  including those who are vulnerable and those with SEND is at least close to national averages in progress statistics 


Schools data booklet

RIG sheet of national data

Character Development: Hope, Aspiration & Courageous Advocacy  


Sustain a school wide understanding of spirituality that enables pupils to engage with deep questions of meaning and purpose 

Develop the global links with ALMA and Christian Aid so that pupils have a deep sense of how they can impact on global injustice 

Bridge Builder 

Skills Builders 

Careers Week and visitor events 

Fund raising activities 

Community & Living Well Together  

Attendance is below national and there are concerns regarding attitudes to attending school amongst the pupil and parent community 

To reduce the proportion of total fixed term exclusions by 50% 

Pupil Questionnaires 

Pupil Voice 

LAT reporting for vulnerable groups 

Attendance reports

Exclusion Data Analysis

Dignity & Respect

To reduce incidents of verbal abuse regarding protected characteristics  

Pupil Questionnaires 

Pupil Voice 

LAT reporting for vulnerable groups 

Racial Reporting File

The Impact of Collective Worship

Increase the opportunities for pupils to lead aspects of collective worship 

Ensure that collective worship and its impact on pupil and staff spirituality is evaluated and reviewed with all stakeholders 

Worship folders 

Value prayer books 

Lesson observations by RE Subject Leader  

Pupil voice questionnaires 

The Effectiveness of Religious Education

Strengthen the RE curriculum so that pupils deepen their understanding of faith an belief 

Enhance the opportunities in RE teaching so that they develop the skills of reflection, analysis and enquiry 

Improve the systems for the assessment of RE so that teacher understand progress more effectively 

Leaders’ evaluations of teaching impact on learning 

EYFS to KS1 

KS1 to KS2  

External Consultant report 

Pupil and parent questionnaire 

Lesson observations with RE subject leader and consultant headteacher